7 Beauty Treatments for Dark Circles

The treatment for dark circles under the eyes can be done with aesthetic treatments, such as carboxitherapy, peeling, hyaluronic acid, laser or pulsed light, but options like creams anti-dark circles and a diet that is rich in vitamin E are also the care essential to maintain the health of the skin.

Dark circles can be related to the excessive exposure to the sun, swelling of the eyes, the skin below the eyes is very thin and transparent, the excess of vascularity in this region, but other causes include aging, and one can’t ignore the genetic factors. Thus, the combination of treatments is what achieves the best results in their elimination. Some of the options for aesthetic treatments that achieve great results are:

1. Carboxiterapia

The application of small injections of CO2 directly on the dark circles enhances the blood circulation in the region, increasing the production of collagen that rejuvenates the skin, lightening the skin underneath the eyes. This technique is great for combating dark circles, giving it a lighter look and young, but are required, at least 1 session per week, for 2-3 months to complete the treatment.

7 Beauty Treatments for Dark Circles 1

2. Laser

The laser light lightens the dark under-eye circles because it promotes contraction of the skin, eliminating the sagging skin, but additionally your effect promotes a remodeling of the dermis with new collagen fibres and elastin more compact and organized, which decreases the wrinkles and therefore the appearance of dark circles. Each session lasts about 20 minutes and are required, at a minimum, 3 sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

3. Pulsed light

In this type of treatment uses a beam of light that reduces the vaos in the blood responsible for the darkening of the region of the eyes. Should be done every 15 days, and the types of laser listed are ruby (694 nm), Nd:YAG (1064 nm), pulsed (585 nm), Nd:YAG poliderm (650 and 532 nm), high-energy pulsed CO2 and Alexandrite lasers. For eye protection it is recommended to use the glasses themselves, as well as the use of a protective metal in all the sessions.

4. Injection of hyaluronic acid

Another good treatment for dark circles deep or purple with volume loss in the lower part of the eyes is to fill the region with hyaluronic acid, it helps decrease the depth of the fossa in lacrimal and dark circles and to disguise the stains. This type of treatment can be carried out by the dermatologist 1 time a month and has great results.

7 Beauty Treatments for Dark Circles 2

5. Peeling with acids

The peeling with acids can be done by the dermatologist or physical therapist and consists in removing the outer layer and the middle of the skin, which promotes the growth of a new layer of skin, the more firm and more clear. This treatment removes melanin of the skin and the fatty acids most suitable are acid tricloroacético, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, acid retinoico acid and mandélico. All of these agents are indicated to eliminate melasma and promote skin rejuvenation. You can perform 1 to 2 sessions per month, according to the need.

6. Fill with fat or plasma

In people who have dark circles and deep purple can also be indicated, treatment with fill of fat from the person. This treatment can only be carried out by the dermatologist, about 1 time per month, and has great results. In addition to the actual fat of the person, the dermatologist can also apply another substance called plasma rich in platelets

7. Creams for dark circles

Creams for dark circles most indicated are those that have ingredients like acid retinoico or despigmentantes containing hydroquinone or kojic acid, for example. Check out more ingredients that can not miss in your cream anti-dark circles.

7 Beauty Treatments for Dark Circles 3

But rest at least 8 hours per night and take a balanced diet, rich in foods with vitamin E such as hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or peanuts, are also important tips to be followed because it helps to rejuvenate the skin. In some cases, you can also consult a dietitian, since there are food supplements, such as Oenobiol, which have antioxidant properties that will lighten visibly dark circles, complementing the treatment.