After The Holidays, Would Have Dyeing Time of Makeup You or The Tiredness Could More?: The Question of The Week

One of the things that I most effort is to follow my routine cleaning and moisturizing. It is difficult to become a habit, in the midst of the maelstrom of the days, but it is even harder to not forget any steps in the evenings when I get tired home.

The worst nights are the parties, I must admit. After the celebrations, when it is too late and we ate and danced very much, there are times that it I have no soul to makeup me, cleanse my face and apply different night creams.

This week we want to ask if happens to you the same:

After the holidays, you’ve had time to remove makeup you or fatigue could more?

Remember that to respond, you must do it from our Jezebel beauty answers section (follow the link) and next week we’ll tell you What is the best and most voted among the answers.

The question of the week

Apropos of the Christmas season, last week I asked:

Do you like that gift you beauty products?

Many have agreed that you like to receive beauty products, but that the difficulty is hit with those who you like or need, so the tracks or suggestions help to avoid mistakes. Our reader annushka sums it up very well:

To my love. But it must be clarified that it is hard to ascertain. It should have knowledge of the needs. Like any gift I like to be with sense and not simply a common option.

One of the responses of our reader Marta.h, It has a different opinion, which is quite right, is very welcome to try beauty products and gifts take some opportunities:

I do not like that they give me things in general, but the time to try potinguitos and choose not change it for anything, love it!. So no, it’s something which I think is very personal to give away it.

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