Air Brush Makeup – How It Works And Advantages

Makeup air brush also known as makeup of pistol is the result of intense search made by cosmetics companies. Is a makeup is made with the use of a handgun linked to an air compressor, hence the name air brush, which produces direct ink jets in points to make up on my face or if desired in the body. It is a small machine that can be transported and very easy to use.


How does the makeup Air Brush

The airbrush requires a source of pressurized air to work and your application is basically the release of this inkjet in the desired location using the pistol that will be connected to the compressor through a garden hose. The compressor should have your regulated pressure between 4 to 15libras, in the case of denser makeup, tanning (tanning), or body painting (bodyart) in larger areas the pressure can go up to 25 pounds. Makeup can be done as the eye skin with air brush.

The technique came in 1893 with the purpose to perform most delicate paintings, but only gained strength in 1958, when the makeup artists of the film “Hur” had need to Tan the Extras. From there this way to do makeup began to be used for the characterization of actors of big productions. Time passed and now the air brush out of the Hollywood studios directly to the beauty salons.

Advantages of Air Brush Makeup

Are many benefits of Airbrush Makeup since the speed of application that can be made in seconds and cover with a duration of more than 16 hours, hygiene because it uses less “Tools” in contact with the skin. The biggest advantage of all is the end result: because it is a very thin application giving a beauty and naturalness hardly achieved by another method. It allows you to sculpt, circumvent, form and point out the strokes gently through nanoparticles of makeup.  The new trend is already part of the feminine universe and has been used by TV and film celebrities

Below we share some sample shots of compressor and gun to do makeup Air Brush.