Be Curvy or Already Have Rods Are Not a Handicap for Sports Illustrated

Say goodbye to the 90-60-90, Sports Illustrated It has finally done and decision could not have been more applauded. With models like Nicola Griffin of 56 years, Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao, all models Curvier, as new additions to its Swimsuit issue, the iconic magazine has been given a bath of reality by accepting that not all women are in accordance with the canons marked so far by his famous number of bathroom.

Moulds of fashion and advertising, the modeling industry and large circulation magazines will gradually crumbling. Not all women have the same bodies, metabolisms or physical form. We want neither to.

Is for this reason that after inclusion of Robyn Lawley as a first model curvy in her Swimsuit issue last year, Sports Illustrated has decided to go further, opening their doors to three models of large sizes, one of them 56 years old.

The three models are involved in the campaign Swimsuits for all included in the new issue of Sports Illustrated, but there’s more, Ashley Graham Repeat with several photographs in the Publisher’s own magazine, and after thanking has asked his followers to support it to be chosen Rookie of the year. A step that would end by State a fact: the rules of the game have changed. Finally.