“Cancer Has a Good Side” Model Mieko Rye Has Your Experience on Facebook

“What are the ten best things about having cancer?, I wondered.” Almost all the replies led me to realize that not I needed my physical appearance to connect emotionally with others”, says the model Mieko Rye that fight breast cancer stage 3. He has not lost the will to live and sharing her story on Facebook seeks to encourage women who are in the same situation.

Mieko Rye in his portfolio for Model Management

With more than 20 years of career in the modeling industry, Mieko Rye began as a mannequin in an industry, the American, who did not accept it as a canon of beauty. His skin was too dark, your hair excessively curly, had lots of curves and the make-up artists never achieve your skin tone with the cosmetics used. Those were the drawbacks that you or.

Shortly after came the Brazilian and his career took a qualitative leap, thereafter Mieko became “ethnic, cool and exotic”. Today little remains of those traits that catapulted his career as a model. You no longer have your curly hair or eyebrows or eyelashes, and soon you won’t have breasts, cancer that will leave you without this another feature of his person, but the model is better than ever and has thus wanted to show on your Facebook page.

A photo shoot in a very advanced stage of disease and several photographs of his past as a model have been sufficient to illustrate their confessions. In them Mieko Rye He admits to having suffered much by not being able to lead a normal life or not being able to even hug his son, but cancer has left him a great lesson, He has learned to love herself, assessed and free from bondage and clichés.

“I am now simply Mieko. I have nothing to hide. I have a breast cancer at stage three and I’ve never felt more beautiful in my life”, ends in Facebook.