Celso Kamura Makeup Course Online – Free Registration

Celso Kamura online course of Makeup the NPD will teach their own techniques of makeup in a Masterclass days seven and eight March of 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm with live stream and free of charge and with reprise of 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The course is sponsored by an educational institution online eduk bringing together famous experts to teach their skills and help your students prepare for the business.

Registration for online course Free makeup With Celso

Celso Kamura has his own style, and is known for his pursuit of perfection and your versatility beyond your strong connection with the fashion world. He’s the one responsible for the beauty of several parades that take place in the week of fashion and photographic essays of famous, besides maquiarr women who seek feel wonderful. Celso Kamura commented on the course: “I’m going to give you tips for makeup in different skin tones and show you how to transform them from social, basic makeup for photos and ending with the conceptual”. He is considered today one of the most important beauty professionals from Brazil. This is the first time in your career that the hairdresser Celso Kamura will teach a free course and live stream over the internet.


The course is targeted at professionals who want to update their concepts and knowledge. The style of Celso Kamura became known for the precise cutting with knife in 90 years and achieves the most varied aspects and techniques.  The course is divided into two stages and unique hairstyles hair cuts and hair salon will address topics such as androgen doing a visual tour through the generations of hairstyles, from the sexiest to the minimalists.

Travel: Makeup Masterclass, the protagonist of the beauty, by Celso Kamura
When: 07 and 08 March of 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm with reprise of 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
FREE registration and more information: visit the website by copying the following link and pasting in your browser: (http://www.eduk.com.br/cursos/2-beleza-e-estetica/5214-masterclass-maquiagem-a-protagonista-da-beleza-por-celso-kamura).

Course Level: intermediate
Prerequisites: basics of makeup.

Below share a step-by-step Celso Kamura hairstyles:

With brushed hair, begin combing the wires and separating them into three slivers.


On lock of middle, make a simple braid and finish with a rubber band. The wick is attached at the top of the head with the aid of



With the sides loose, still create slivers thinner and make us symmetrical along the entire length of the hair.


With the nodes ready, interlock the lock between the braid and secure with small clips, which must remain hidden in the central braid. Do this with all the loose hair rest


The end result is superb.