Chavoso Drawing The Knife-Cut Step By Step And Video

Chavoso or Cutting hair cutting razor made with tribal figures, geometric, names or initials, cartoon characters. What counts is creativity and is nothing more than tattoos done in the head. The difference is that in the hair cutting the tattoo is done shaving your hair to form the design and when it grows the drawing disappears. To use this hack should be full of personality.


Walkthrough Chavoso

Barbers are having to recycle as customers are increasingly demanding and do the design with knife is already a style that is growing in the male concept. The greatest difficulty is the handling of the knife and some disaster happens soon quit.

Right is practice using creativity and logical to do drawings of good taste since it is possible to see on the streets some designs well ugly. Draw is a gift, but if can’t draw make copies continue training to practice. Never give up you will get. Below we share the technique with you:



– A professional comb or brush;

– A fine-tipped scissors with cutting the leisure

– a spray bottle of water;

– sliding emulsion, can be cream or gel with water or oil;

A knife.

Comb: the comb or brush are the main accessories because they are they responsible to clean the hair and align helping show what’s doing. Every time you pass the brush in your hair you can see the design. Is the same as working in a clean place where you can see the mistakes and make the repairs.

Traces: the scissors will be used as a pen to imagine as if it were a pen. The greatest difficulty for a beginner is to use the knife she can slip and damage the drawing, with fine-tipped scissors we can correct the errors and make the designs with greater amount of detail because your features are thin and precise.

Spray: water where it will be done the drawing the sprinkler is essential when making the cream does not wet the hair as it should be and the water penetrates into every hair damping scalp so the result is much better. This way is more difficult to miss the head gets wet and slips more easily. So very wet hair.

Razor: to fix the drawing take the knife in one hand and with the other using the fingertips stretch the skin and outline the design with the scissors. Go reinforcing with the knife so very smooth. At this point you can thicken the line or stretch since the stroke was made and is much easier.

Finally: now it’s time to finalize your work doing the little foot and touching up the design if necessary. This step you already know spread the cream in the Palm of your hand and spread over the hair and finger do the knife.

Below some photos as inspiration.