Cosmetics Star Wars Theme-Tips and News

Cosmetics Star Wars the movie premiere in December and has already appeared several licensed products for the Star Wars theme. Now the makeup joined to celebrate the sixth film of the series called the awakening of the force.


Tips and news
Star Wars Makeup

The covergirl an American company has released a whole line inspired by the Star Wars the awakening force, she turns in the dark side of the force and the ones Jedi choose your side or to mix both. There are several items that share your knowledge below:

Eyelash Mascara: Are ten kinds of masks for the different eyelashes and each mask with different phrases such as the famous, “may the force be with you”:

Six colors of lipsticks with unique colors in rementem the world Star Wars:


Three colors of glaze with vibrant colors:


All Star Wars line of covergirl comes with packaging well worked. Although it is a thematic line very beautiful she hasn’t is found in Brazil.

But the tag View Brazil’s Cosmetics also launched a collection with the Star Wars theme and packages are well stylized to remember the movie, black and very beautiful stars.


We present below the Star Wars line of View Cosmetics:

– eight colors of glaze all four metal effect with metallic and four with shiny metallic.


– Makeup the blusher under the name Empire, two EYELINERS one blue and another black, Lunar and stellar, and the shadow palette with the name of Galaxias.


– Four lipsticks with names cosmic, Guardian, rebel and force.