Debt Agencies and Adverse Conditions: Be Model No Is Profitable (With Exceptions)

Years ago get a gateway and be photographed wearing garments of some renowned firms could become synonymous with a good life, large sums of money and thousands of parties and influences. But this has changed. The models don’t get paid millions by parade as did Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen at the time (unless you are Kendall Jenner). Most of them work 24 hours seven days a week, they have no security on if will have them next season and in addition, they get astronomical debts with their agencies.

Being a model is not profitable

Supermodel is a term that was coined a several decades ago, when the faces of Linda Evangelista or Naomi Campbell gave rise to the top models of the 90s. And badaboom, their chips climbed as the foam, just signed contracts with certain brands and in case outside little, were not models, were famous.

However, they were unique. Untouchables. Not everything in those years fashion industry moved to the rhythm of the glamour and non life stop of Naomi and cia. There were also models which, like today, They malvivían thanks to a work that Although sometimes very recognized visually, not ensuring them an acceptable economic benefits.

Today the situation is no better, few are the models that achieve even approaching what one day was Cindy Crawford. Many are very young and they accept working conditions and pay nothing worthy. Binx Walton, for example, is one of the models that can be proud of having survived to the ups and downs of fashion. However, after three years and six seasons on the catwalks has admitted “my first and second seasons were the worst. It’s like being in a new school. “There are many clichés, and few people in the who trust truth”.

Often figures just perceived they border on the $ 400 model and pageant, or even at times are paid with brand clothing

Economic problems are not minor. In the Middle 90s fever, models like Christy Turlington could get to charge $ 100,000 for a single show and some familiar faces today reach the $ 300,000 for posting a photograph on Instagram. What happens when the models are “a more” of the long castings of some well-known firms?, often perceived figures just rubbing the $ 400 model and parade, or even at times are paid with brand clothing.

This fact comes from the hand of another more serious still, many of these models get serious debts with their agencies. The latter offer them create their books, photograph its first polaroids and even accommodation in flats in which coexist with other so many companions of profession, but this is paid, according to Ashley Mears, Professor of sociology at Boston University, more than 20% of the models end seasons owing money to their agencies.

In addition, according to the Organization nonprofit that seeks to give voice to the models, Model Alliance “agencies are looking for job opportunities for the models, but are not responsible for the failures of the models,” also projects and shows fluctuation is such that it is impossible to predict stable monthly income for the mannequins. For this reason and by the retention of 20% of all jobs in favor of the agency representative of the model, the latter can be contracted annual debt of up to $ 400,000 According to a study carried out by the web.

But there is still more, the payments are delayed, if it is coming. Where the owner or firm fails to pay, the model takes care of it, not the Agency. Or what is the same, the agencies admitted a certain amount of money in the accounts of the models prior payment by the owner. However, if this is fails to produce, the models continue being forced to return the full amount of the debt which have incurred regardless of that do not receive their salary, explains Model Alliance.

What has happened with the supermodels?

What happens if by magic you can become a top? Takes place what happened to Karlie Kloss, firms do not hire you for fear that marques you a steal the show in any rule, or in other words, that your clothes are overshadowed by your presence. Why they are becoming more and more fashion brands who choose to hire new faces each season.

At any time you can be dismissed as a simple toothpick – Binx Walton

“New faces, new faces each season, you have to accept it. At any time you can be dismissed as a simple toothpick”, says Binx Walton. What Carol White, CEO and founder of Premier Model Management, adds “I don’t return to never see some models such as the 1990s. Today there are models with some impact on the industry, but the names of the supermodels were something that the man in the street knew”

Then, what has happened with the coined term “supermodel I” for almost 30 years?, today Nobody is not fairly involved in trending topics Kendall Jenner distinguishes from other so many models, and the fact of talk about Gigi Hadid gives rise to looks of bewilderment. Already there are no Naomis Greengages, hardly anyone beyond the spheres of fashion and there are very few that manage to make a dent in the society and create a global name.

Perhaps we should embrace the concept of celebrity-model and forget what a day took place with these mannequins in the 90’s. The industry already pays millions chips for anyone who does not have a known last name.