Do You Prefer The Top Models Blondes or Brunettes?

Seeing is believing! Olivier Rousteing, the young creative director of Balmain, is a close friend of many of the top most important models of the world and may have been this trust which has made him radically change of look for a few hours. Which were Blondes have become dark and vice versa, and the truth is that the result is quite shocking. Which of the two do you prefer?

Kendall Jenner and with an oxygenated rubio Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley more Brown than never unmistakable as part of Paris fashion week. The Balmain parade always captures all eyes but we also have to recognize this (temporary) change of the most followed by the world models made by social networks and the web of half the world fashion have become completely crazy.

The color of the hair completely changes the look and of this there is no doubt and but they ask to Gigi Hadid to the evening to the morning has gone from being a sexy blonde to a brunette straight from a Hollywood role. Although wigs were achieved, it is true that this naturalness of the own hair is never get. Luckily that has only been for a few hours because I change does not convince me nothing.