Each Hair Type Your Sentence

We suggest the best shampoo and conditioner for every hair type.


The natural beauty of the hair is highlighted and complemented with the use of the most suitable products having regard to your nature.


Having awareness of hair types that exist, as well as their needs, we suggest the shampoo and the conditioner most suitable having regard to the structure of the hair. The active substance of each and every one should have are the secret of your success.

If we want to categorize the types of existing hair, we may at General level, highlight hair naturally more dry, oily, normal, more straight or curly.


It is essential to know what type of our hair and the factors that are most exposed, in order to offer you all the care it needs to always be healthy and beautiful.


There are several lines, in order to help restore the hair, providing you with a healthy and vibrant.


Dry and Damaged hair

Shampoo and conditioner intense hydration

Both formulas are developed to meet the particularly dry or damaged hair, helping to give them the hydration and strengthening them, at the same time.


Enriched with vitamin E and natural extracts of sunflower, hazelnuts and almonds, the shampoo and conditioner help strengthen and preventdamage to the hair, leaving it soft, light and healthy.


Extra dry hair and with a tendency to embarrass/straight hair


hampô and conditioner with silky smooth finish

Shampoos these lines must be fortified with vitamin H and extracts of almond, helping to moisturize and nourish hair in depth, leaving it brighter and easy to manage.

A complement to a perfect finish is a silky smooth finish conditioner, also enriched with vitamin H and almond, your formula improves largelythe State of your hair, transforming the hair with a tendency to embarrass a silky smooth hair.


Helps restore moisture, Detangling and protect against split ends. Smooths and softens, giving the hair a healthy looking, shiny and easy to manage.


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All types of hair

Classic care shampoo and conditioner revitalising

The formula of these shampoos clean hair in depth, helping to eliminate all waste caused by pollution and clamping products, leaving the hair clean and free.


The formula should contain vitamin C, grapefruit and lemon extracts, being perfectly smooth and suitable for everyday use.


The revitalising conditioner: is the ideal complement, offering the necessary hydration. Must contain pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera and cucumber extracts. Helps to moisturize and detangle, helping still leave the hair shiny and easy to manage. Suitable for daily use and for all types of hair.


Color-Treated Hair

Revitalizing shampoo and color conditioner

Shampoos and condicionadoresdevem keep the color, allowing you to preserve it until 40 washes. Thus, this type of clean hair gently champodirt and oil, helping to prepare it to optimize the color retention, while helping to add brightness. Used as a complement, the color conditioner helps to seal the cuticles of the hair after shampooing and preserve the color particles, in order to help stem the loss of same, restoring hydration to the hair, to untangle it, leaving it soft, loose and vibrant.


Curly or wavy hair

Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair hydrated

Used together, prepare the hair for easy styling to get curls and wavesat any time. Their professional formulas contain vitamin B1, and be sensitive to be able to use every day. Help to moisturize the hair, offering to the waves or curls the amount exact hair hydration needs.


Hair usually exposed to heat from electrical appliances

Shampoo and conditioner with recoil therapy

The moisturizing formula of these Champs is enriched with extracts of aloe vera, almond oil nutritive and soothing ingredients, helps to eliminate, in a way, the accumulation of products used previously, pollution and dirt of the day-to-day.


The formula must include ingredients conditioners that help soften the cuticles and achieve a perfect finish. By your side, the conditioner of the same line, is the ideal complement for shampoo, nourishing your hair thoroughly dehydrated and fighting the dry aspect that may result from the use of blow dryers or shapewear, making the hair look shinier, smoother and healthier.