Eternelle Dermacosmetics Brazil Launch

Eternelle Dermacosmetics arrives in Brazil and in your campaign the presenter of SBT program Eliana is the face of the campaign. The Communicator announced the partnership with the brand to his followers in a video. In your Instagram she said regarding product Lasher “you will be amazed”. The brand brings a portfolio of products for treatment of skin with acne problems and for Eyelash growth.


Launch in the Brazil Eternelle Dermacosmetics Products

launch two products the Demonu and the Lasher, the company’s Mexican the MDR and already have their products in 55 countries. A brand of skin care that are active pharmacological products that promise to act in the internal parts of the skin and produce improved from the inside out. Below we share some information about the products of Eternelle:

Dermonu: is indicated for those who have problem of acne on the skin. The product is presented in facial gel reduces the scarring caused by acne and still nourishes the skin. The Dermonu consists of Allium Cepa, Salicylic Acid, rose hips and tea tree essential oil, that help heal and repair the skin. The product promises to still improve your thickness and texture with the increase in the production of collagen, providing skin regeneration and an excellent nutrition, all of this added to your bactericidal effect. The Dermonu has as the differential Regenerum Technologies, developed to improve the appearance of the skin with scarring caused by acne of a fast, efficient and progressive, telling yourself able to reduce the amount of acnes. Easy to use just apply daily night a thin layer on the skin clean, always avoiding the eye area.


Lasher,: tested in other countries, is a serum for Eyelash treatment, promising to let them bigger, more beautiful and strong. Have this in your amino acid formula, biotinoyl tripetide and the exclusive complex “Lasher Perfect Tech” associated with nanotechnology, the product has a unique combination that stretches, strengthens and gives volume to lashes by up to two weeks, according to the brand. The application is also quite easy, just use it morning and night, after cleaning the eyelids and eyelashes, applying an even layer of product on the base of the upper eyelashes, as you do with the eyeliner. Allow to dry and then use your favorite makeup.