Exotic Fashion Lips Arco Iris – How Do

Exotic Fashion Lips Arco Iris new make for Carnival that is doing the most successful social network. With your colorful completes the look for any event of Carnival and at any time. The tip is to always keep your lips well hydrated after making a lip esfoliamento.


How to make Exotic fashion Lips Arco Iris

To start your lips Rainbow make a jumbo pencil white coverage, or pancake making base. If you use the jumbo or any creamy pencil, remove the excess with paper towel.

Below share the step by step for Rainbow lips:

– Separate all colors you have to use makeup to your lips and apply gently with a brush.  In make below were used the pink in the corner of the mouth and in the other corner of the mouth put neon Orange do it immediately to get a sense of the size of the lips and make sure that the proportions of colors of both sides will be equal. So always start with two ends.


– for painting below was used from pink to purple and then to blue very subtle. Faded and was made by touching lightly the brush with the colors, adding gradually more ink. There is the necessary care not to overdo it, so that the transition be very natural and cannot be cleared if you miss.


– moving from the blue to the Green and making it yellow and gradually becomes a more Orange closed until it touches the neon that was on the other end of the mouth. To get some smudging the suggestion is to use concealer with a brush to paint again the skin. Finally use a colorless gloss that will leave the uniform colors. When painting the lips look use your hands so light so you don’t run the risk of mixing colors.