France Gets Serious: The Models Will Need Medical Proof to Check That They Are Not Too Thin

A new law has landed in France with the intention of limit access for unhealthy models to the catwalks. Required a certificate medical to confirm that they are in good health, in addition, it also regulates the publications and magazines, all images they should indicate if they have gone through the magical touches of Photoshop or not. In this way France seeks to prevent more scandals about the prevailing extreme thinness on the catwalks.

According to this new law passed in France all models require a medical receipt that explicit “after being evaluated in terms of body mass index, is concrete that you can exercise the practice of modeling”. Also the altered in magazines by retouching photographs must include a note indicating its modification, the word “enhanced” should be included in the same.

However, this law is not explicit what are the minimum under which no model can parade. After much debate, it has been concluded that not all women must conform to the same BMI, since they see incongruous to compare the bodies of models of a certain age with those who began their careers. However, the models will be compared using multiple criteria, as age and bone structure.

Regarding sanctions, the breach of this new rule may result in a maximum of six months in prison and a fine of up to 75,000 euros.

Cassi van den Dungen, the model that made alarm bells

The latest scandal about the extreme thinness arrived a few months ago by the hand of Cassi van den Dungen, Australia s Next Top Model finalist and one of the most visible faces of the runways of the country.

The Alex Perry parade held last April he discovered a Cassi much more thin, bony and unhealthy image, something that did not pass unnoticed to the media which soon echoed so thin figure of the model. This has led to the own designer to apologize publicly by closing a casting of too-thin models.

Months later, Cassi van den Dungen landed on the runway New York showing a healthier though still too thin image. Apparently little remains now of the Cassi’s most famous models Australia program, we hope that laws like the one passed in France to regulate this practice.