Gessoterapia-What It Is and Benefits

Gessoterapia plaster that was used for orthopedic treatments now doing success in aesthetic treatments. It was used until today to fix fractures and problems related to Orthopaedics is now an auxiliary in beauty treatments.  The technique has been widely used by women who want to reduce centimeters just days before a party or wedding day because the effect can already be noticed in a few sessions.


What is Gessoteapia

Gessoterapia also known as lipogessada the plaster is used as an auxiliary in cosmetic treatments body modelers through an occlusion of active substances, like spark, hera, horsetail, which act by stimulating the microcirculation, eliminating toxins and activating the metabolism and this is the main difference from the conventional plaster. This reduces the measures and helps to improve the sagging. The treatment is done in several sessions and each session can last around 3 hours. Before the plaster being applied is done a modeling massage, with specific products in order to enhance the desired effect. After the massage, the plaster is applied and the person is exposed to an infrared blanket for a few minutes. The number of sessions depends on the metabolism and reaction of each body, lifestyle, nutrition and physical activities.

The plaster is placed in region where there is cellulite, sagging and localized fat. What will surely require the patient a huge patience. Some professionals make use of sedation for the patient sleep or uses movies and magazines.

Below some indications of Gessoterapia:

– unbalanced Diseases;
– skin diseases: infections or dermatitis or lack of local sensitivity;
– cancer.


Gessoterapia treatments range from the aesthetic to the doctors and the cast helps fight various problems. Has been used for millennia by different people and are increasingly common in modern treatments.


Below we share some benefits of Gessoterapia:

– Increases cellular metabolism;
– Activates blood circulation, providing a sufficient quantity of tissues vital nutrients and slowing down the process of skin aging;
– Allows the spontaneous output of skin impurities, acting as a treatment lipo-Reductor;
– Occlusive Effect providing a better absorption of the active ingredients;
– is also protecting the natural repairing of engine cells;
– perfect Relaxation of all muscles of the skin.

For satisfactory effects are indicated ten sessions being held from one to two times a week.