Gigi Hadid Poses Nude on Cover of The Magazine Vogue with Shackles and Los Clogs Bicolor Chanel of Last Parade

For the number of March 2016 of the French Edition magazine Vogue, Gigi Hadid She has posed nude. Yes, Yes, how you are hearing it, sitting on some old boxes of wood and with the unique motif of the bicolor clogs which could see during the last parade of Chanel and with a few bracelets that looked like the shackles of a prisoner. Everything to try to get loud and clear the message that style does not already have taboos, that and the body of Gigi has already more than 10 million fans. All a worldwide phenomenon!

A Home in black and white signed by the photographers duo formed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott in which the 20-year-old model has posed with legs crossed for not revealing more than the Bill, covering the breast with your right hand while supporting his right hand on the hip.

After the torrid video that starred with her boyfriend Zayn Malik model has decided to reward the loyalty of his followers not leaving too much to the imagination. The model jokes Instagram account saying that as Marylin Monroe only carries a drops of Chanel No. 5.

There is an second home of this number, in which Gigi poses with one of the jackets that could see during the parade in Rome from Chanel Paris accessorized with lots of sautoirs as liked to Mademoiselle Chanel, but without skirt patent leather or lace stockings. However, Gigi fans must wait yet a week more to have a copy of this issue between your hands (copy will be sale on 18 February).

It is interesting that now that magazines such as Penthouse and Playboy have opted to stop publishing naked women, female life magazines have decided to go for this kind of cover, do not you think?