How Coordinates Your Makeup with Clothes?: Question of The Week

In the makeup there are few rules such as one that is recommended to highlight only the eyes or lips, but not both at the same time. Fortunately, when it comes to the truth no matter the rules, only what we like ourselves and any combination is possible.

One of those combinations refers to clothing and makeup. According to the fashions, there are moments in which is usually suggest that makeup match clothes, whether choosing the same color, similar or complementary in lipsticks, shadows or liners, or on the contrary colors is said only makeup must be combined with ourselves, not with what we have been.

This week our question is very simple, about the way in which you conjuntáis makeup, clothing and accessories.

How do you coordinates your makeup with the clothes?

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The question of the week

Last week I ask about your experience with one of the most famous products lately, the BB creams:

Do you have found your BB cream perfect?

The promise of a cream that you do almost everything is very tempting and I am in the same situation, trying to investigate as much as possible to find the BB cream perfect, as our reader tells us Lunablogs:

Oops! This topic interests me very much that I’m just behind bought a BB cream and I want to invest in a really good. Have I heard that Smashbox has released its own version, has anyone tried it? But the truth is that I almost would be with an Asian brand, who have years of experience in these products.

One of the brands most mentioned responses is the Korean Skin79, having a variety of different BB creams for different skins. Our reader tells us Bipolar

I have tried, skin 79, etude house and missha. I stay by a landslide with 79 skin, I love gold, .corrige vip very well the imperfections and just noticed you are wearing nothing, it has a very natural colour and if after you contorneas these list. And the more important does not obstruct the pores.

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