How Is the Mini Tummy Tuck and How Is the Recovery

The mini tummy tuck is a plastic surgery that helps to remove a small amount of fat located in the lower part of the belly, between the navel and the intimate area, being especially recommended for anyone who is skinny and has fat accumulated in this region or has a lot of sagging and stretch marks, for example.

This surgery is similar to the abdominoplasty, but is less complex, has a quick recovery and has few scars, as it is only made a small cut in the belly, not stirring in the belly button not being necessary to sew the muscles of the abdomen.

The price of the surgery

How Is the Mini Tummy Tuck and How Is the Recovery 1

The mini tummy tuck costs approximately between 3 and 5 thousand reais, but the value may vary according to the clinic selected, the surgeon, the time of hospitalization and the type of anesthesia used.

As it is made

The mini abdominoplasty can be performed under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia, lasting on average 2 hours. After this, the plastic surgeon makes a cut in the lower part of the belly, which is usually small, but can be larger, the larger the area to treat. Through this cut, the surgeon can burn excess fat and eliminate localized fat that was modifying the contour of the belly.

Finally, it is removed the excess skin and sutured, stretching all the skin and reducing the sagging that existed at the bottom of the belly.

How is the recovery

How Is the Mini Tummy Tuck and How Is the Recovery 2

The post op of mini tummy tuck is faster than a tummy tuck classic, however it is still necessary to have some similar care, such as:

  • Use strap abdominal throughout the day, for a period of approximately 30 days;
  • Avoid efforts in the first month;
  • Be slightly bent forward during the first 15 days to prevent the reopening of the points;
  • Sleep belly up during the first 15 days;

It is usually possible to return to activities of day-to-day about 1 month after the surgery, and it is important to the achievements of at least 20 sessions of manual lymphatic drainage in the days merged with the beginning about 3 days after the surgery. Here’s how to recover well in: the Post-operative period of abdominoplasty.

How Is the Mini Tummy Tuck and How Is the Recovery 3

Possible risks of surgery

The mini tummy tuck is a surgery fairly safe, however, it has some risks as:

  • Infection of the scar;
  • The reopening of the points;
  • Seroma formation;

To decrease this type of risks should do the surgery with a surgeon trained and credited, as well as to follow all the recommendations for the pre-and post-operatively.