How Te Depilas?: Question of The Week

In the battle against the hairs We have many possible tools for use, such as blades, bleaching, fotodepiladoras, electric epilators, depilatory creams, waxes and laser hair removal.

We have so many available options allows us to find the best solution for our pockets, hair type, ease of use and also to the different areas where you want to remove the hair, some more sensitive or delicate.

This week we seek to know what methods to use to shave you:

How you you depilas?

Remember that to respond, you must do it from our Jezebel beauty answers section (follow the link) and next week we’ll tell you What is the best and most voted among the answers.

The question of the week

Our question of the week was extremely simple:

What shape and long prefer nails?

For me it was a surprise to see that all coincidíais that you prefer short nails, in general for a matter of convenience, as our reader tells us czarniana in the most voted answer:

Cortitas and square, something comfortable for every day, with a length that allows me to carry them carefully but that does not hinder me. Da me mucha grima scratch things and hooked.

Another possible option is that our reader tells us desired, that allows us to take different lengths. This is my preferred option, because there are shades that I see most appropriate longer nails and others which look better on short nails.

I usually carry lengths mean and when to grow a little more as I take long until I return them to cut and trim to leave them more cortitas again, since there comes a time that seem too long and go deforming a little growing up, so took them both ways and I enjoy my long nails. […]

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