How to Get Red Streaks of Pregnancy

The red streaks are caused by genetic factors, dehydration of the skin and enhanced by the act of stretching too much the skin quickly, such as occurs in pregnancy.

About 80% of women develop stretch marks during the pregnancy, which usually appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips and buttocks, from the 25th week of gestation, a period in which increases the most of weight and the skin stretches considerably.

During pregnancy the aesthetic treatments and the use of acids is advised, therefore, at this stage it is best to opt for home treatments with natural ingredients.

How to Get Red Streaks of Pregnancy 1

At home treatment to eliminate stretch marks in pregnancy

Stretch marks reddish or purplish can be removed with home treatments relatively simple because they are very vascularizadas in and out more easily that stretch marks white, and because of this, you should start this treatment as soon as you notice its appearance.

Thus, to eliminate the red streaks still during pregnancy you should:

  • Apply a good layer of a moisturizing cream for the skin parched, mixed with a little mineral oil or vegetable;
  • Abuse of moisturizing cream every day, especially after bathing, to prevent the formation of new stretch marks, and also the worsening of stretch marks older. You can still apply the cream 2 to 3 times per day;
  • Drink plenty of water every day, on warmer days, you can drink up to 3 litres per day;
  • Avoid clothing too tight;
  • Use elastic strapto help hold the belly, which brings comfort to the back and also helps prevent the skin becomes more flaccid;

How to Get Red Streaks of Pregnancy 2

The more hydrated the skin is, the more elastic it will become, and with it, despite it stretching too much, it will be much more difficult to develop scars.

How to take stretch marks after pregnancy

After the birth of the baby the woman will already be able to exfoliate the skin, using products specific to stretch marks or even carry out aesthetic treatments with the dermatologist or with the physical therapist specialist in aesthetics.

Some treatments options are carboxitherapy, laser, peeling with acid retinóico or glucoside, microdermabrasion or microagulhamento, for example. Opt for one of these treatments can be the best strategy to completely eliminate stretch marks white, as they will not disappear on their own.

How to Get Red Streaks of Pregnancy 3