How to Organize and Keep Your Make-Up?: Question of The Week

I think that I still remember when a few years ago I started to make me and I had to buy the most essential tools: a few brushes, eyeliner and volumized. All fit me in a small case, those for pencils.

Over time, I began to want more things: shades of eyes, base of make-up, blush, etc. To save them I bought a small bag of transparent plastic with internal divisions, those that sold in do-it-yourself stores to organize small things, that is where I keep everything organized and protected.

This week we are interested in knowing how you repair your equipment of beauty:

How you organize and keep your makeup?

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The question of the week

Seven days ago I asked one of our essential makeup:

Have you found your perfect lipstick?

The truth is that find our favorite lipstick is not an easy task, because the enormous number of offers on the market, you have to add those features that interest us in particular, such as duration or hydration extra. Our reader tells us ianeariss:

[…] It is fundamental for me lasting color, I be tweaking the hydration, but I can’t take the color sometimes just when I leave the bathroom retouch me, nor stain napkins and everything I play as I have said before.
So I’m now happy with the painted lips more than 12 hours, use Max Factor’s Lip Finity […] the color does not move or for back (except with cleanser, clear), does not stain clothes or to who you kiss or anything, and brings a balm moisturizing more than anyone who has never tried. I have already said goodbye to the expensive lipsticks that last a sigh.

In fact, the company may be so complicated, that there are some that we have not yet found the perfect product, as our reader tells us herocat:

The fact is, but if I have clear what is not worth me in lipsticks, can not be dry, Pearlescent, purpurinosos or with either light colors and gloss effect, I have very pigmented lips and I can not explain the tone because they devour me… at least this got it clear…

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