How to Take Away Scars From the Skin

To take scarring of the face or body can be used with different techniques that include laser therapy, creams with corticosteroids or skin grafts, according to the severity and type of scar.

These types of treatments are quite effective to remove scars, leaving the scar almost invisible, however, they should always be supervised by a dermatologist.

So, if you want to opt for a more natural, try out our home remedies to eliminate stains on the skin.

1. To take scarring of the spine

To take the scar left by a pimple are widely used in the following techniques:

  • Chemical peel:application of acid products on the face which strip away the superficial layers of the skin, allowing the growth of a new smooth skin and without blemishes;
  • Laser:application of laser to heat and destroy the scars of pimples;
  • Dermabrasion:an instrument that removes the superficial layers of the skin, stimulating the growth of a new tissue without spotting;
  • Micro Needling: the use of micro needles to penetrate a specific region of the skin, which will cause micro-injuries and redness, stimulating naturally the regeneration of the skin, production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Learn more about this aesthetic treatment.

These techniques also help to take away scars from cold sores, but should always be made by the dermatologist or physiotherapist dermato functional. It is also important to remember that during the treatment it is necessary to avoid the sun, because the sun’s rays worsen the stains on the skin and compromise the results.

How to Take Away Scars From the Skin 1

2. How to draw scar from surgery

Some options to take old scars, with more than 90 days are:

  • Creams that increase collagen production: improve the elasticity of the skin, reducing the prominence of the scar;
  • Ultrasound:promotes circulation and the production of collagen, preventing the formation of scar and queloides;
  • Carboxitherapy: increases the production of collagen and elastin, creating a smoother skin;
  • Rf:it produces heat and melts the lumps under the scar, uniformizando the skin and thinning of the scar;
  • Fill with collagen:used when the scar is deeper than the skin, since it increases the volume below the scar so that it is on the same level of the skin;
  • Aesthetic surgery location:removes layers of the scar and uses internal stitches to not leave marks.

People with a history of deep scars or queloides should inform the doctor before surgery so that the surgical procedure will be done in a manner to leave the least scarring possible.

3. Take burn scars

The burn scars are typically the most difficult to remove, but the techniques used in these cases include:

  • Ointments corticoids:decrease inflammation and reduce the scar, being indicated for burns of the 1st degree;
  • Cryotherapy:uses cold temperatures to manage the pain and inflammation, and is used for minor burns;
  • Laser therapy with pulsed light:removes the excess tissue of the scar by disguising the difference in color and by decreasing the relief, being indicated for burns of the 2nd degree;
  • Surgery:mainly used for burns of the 3rd degree, the surgery replaces the layers of skin affected by grafts of healthy skin taken from other parts of the body.

How to Take Away Scars From the Skin 2

In addition, the natural oil of the Rose hip oil is also a great option for you home that help to disguise and smooth the skin of the scars, see how to use the rosehip Oil.

However, it is important to remember that the removal of the scars can be a time-consuming process that requires several sessions and types of treatments for the skin to come back healthy and without blemishes.

That can worsen the scar

The main factors that worsen the scar and prevent its withdrawal are:

  • Age:the older, slower, and worse is the healing, leaving more marks;
  • Part of body:knees, elbows, back and chest are more movements and efforts throughout the day, worsening the scar;
  • Excess suncauses darker spots on the skin, leaving the scar more visible;
  • Consumption of sugar:when sugar or sugary foods consume, the more difficult it will be to your healing.

In addition, some medications and hormonal changes can interfere with the healing process, so it is important to consult a dermatologist and follow the appropriate treatment to avoid complications.

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