How to Treat Bags Under the Eyes

To eliminate the pockets that form under the eyes, there are cosmetic procedures, such as fractional laser or pulsed light, but in more serious cases it is possible to remove them completely with plastic surgery. There are still treatments to soften the stock, with creams, moisturizers, firming or makeup.

Generally, the bags are formed by a build-up of fat in the lower eyelids. As the eye is inserted within a bone cavity, it is covered with fat for protection, and in some people, this fat is also located in front of the eyes, forming the awkward exchanges that are visible.

Generally, the pouch under the eyes is caused by genetic causes, however, they may be more apparent in some cases, especially after a night’s sleep sleepless, due to fluid retention or due to sagging and aging skin. Check out other causes of swelling in the eyes.

The main treatment options for the scholarship under the eyes are:

1. Intense pulsed light

The intense pulsed light is a treatment of photo rejuvenation that uses pulses of light directed to the areas of the skin, in order to correct imperfections. The light used is converted into heat in the skin, which promotes the smoothing of marks, blemishes and imperfections, helping to disguise the affected area.

In addition, this treatment helps improve the circulation of blood vessels in the region, reducing swelling, and giving more firmness to the skin below the eyes. Check out the other benefits of pulsed light.

2. Chemical Peeling

The chemical peeling is done with the application of acids that remove the outer layers of the skin, which helps to decrease the laxity of the skin around the eyes, and decrease dark spots of dark circles. Thus, this procedure can soften the appearance of the handbags, which may be useful in the lighter cases.

3. Carboxiterapia

The treatment with application of carbon dioxide under the skin causes dilatation of the vessels, which improves blood flow to the area and stimulates a greater production of collagen.

Thus, the sagging of the skin and the marks of expression are diminished, which makes this procedure useful for the treatment of many cases of bags under the eyes. Learn more benefits of the procedure and how it is done.

How to Treat Bags Under the Eyes 2

4. Therapy laser

The laser treatment helps to eliminate molecules that cause the darkening of the skin, in addition to contributing to the elimination of sagging and imperfections in the region. Check the main indications of laser treatment on the face.

5. Filling with hyaluronic acid

Filling with hyaluronic acid is an excellent treatment to end up with the bags under the eyes, particularly in cases in which the bags are accentuated by grooves in the skin, or by the presence of flaccidity in the region. See how the hyaluronic acid may combat wrinkles.

6. Plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery with removal of excess fat under the eyelids is the best treatment to eliminate the bags under the eyes, particularly in the most serious cases and that do not resolve with other treatments.

In some cases, may be associated with blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids, to remove any wrinkles that lead to an appearance of tiredness and aging. See how is the blepharoplasty and the results.

How to Treat Bags Under the Eyes 3

7. Use of cosmetics

Cosmetic base creams, ointments or gels can be useful to assist the treatment of bags under the eyes, as they may contain moisturizing properties that increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, effects of drainage, that eliminate the accumulation of fluid in the local, as well as helping to provide more firmness to the skin.

The products must be indicated by the dermatologist according to the skin characteristics of each person, and some options include products, polypeptides, hyaluronic acid or extracts such as green tea extract or oils such as cotton oil or andiroba oil, for example.