Intense Cats Of The Apothecary-New Collection

Intense Cats of the Apothecary thinking on personality of cats was where this new collection took your inspiration. Bold, curiosity and your special charm are characteristics of most women’s personality. The Edition is limited and we need speed to get it.


New Intense Collection of O Boticario

The Makeup category manager of the Apothecary commented about this new collection: “the Intense collection Cats reinforces the young personality, bold and Intense line practice with products that speak to the day-to-day unpredictable and multiatarefado of our consumers. And Perfumery arrives to give the final touch in this production, you need to be smart and have personality.

Below share the news from Intense collection Cats:


The Intense Cats deodorant Cologne is the olfactory family cassanova floriental offers a novelty essence through the contrast of fresh notes, like leafy greens, and sweet, like vanilla. She is described as a bold and striking with their fresh and slightly sweet notes.



In this collection in particular the eyes are the biggest highlights with a Cat Eye Eyeliner Duo to be used in the classic “Kitty” with your black stroke and also purple in color. Quickly create an effect very well marked and impact, giving another guy for your make.


To complete the eye Pencil Duo Cat Effect, with rich black tones and green

The Palette Look Cat You with eight shades and two shades of blush in a compact package and



Eyebrow pencil for Eyebrows Cattitude highlighting the look of natural and delicate way, without scoring. The pencil still undercover and fixes little flaws and more uniform color.


Blush Trio Cat Love with bronze colors, pink and illuminator that when mixed, they look healthy and Tan to make everything into a product well compressed and charming.


Lipstick Meow with three Sharp Red versions, Orange Scratch and Sly Nude all with high coverage, FPS, lasting up to 6 hours, vitamin E with Shea butter, to maintain hydration.


Intense Cats Delicats bathroom makeup remover to clean the skin, while removes the make, and can be used in time to take your bath.


Completing this wonderful collection Intense Cats still was created the Cats with exclusive designe Nécessaire imitating a kitten with their ears. It can be placed all items of makeup from the new collection and with your handle it becomes a bag in tow or a clutch.


Enamel Cat bringing two colors purple and red with high coverage, fast drying and long-lasting.


The new collection was placed for sale on the day of January 25 and who want to acquire all these wonders of the Apothecary has run since the Edition is limited.