Jealous Olivia Palermo Will Be Seeing His Floozy with The Spectacular Jourdan Dunn at The Burberry Show?

Today Burberry male pageant was held in London, it has brought together many well-known faces but which has especially drawn attention has been the model Jourdan Dunn. Who has been very well accompanied the British girl? Of Johannes Huebl, Olivia Palermo maridisimo, while she recovered is of the big party of the Golden Globes yesterday.

Jourdan Dunn He has worn a dress midi of Moss with a vest of Fox in gold tone and grey green silk. Accompanying these two garments, with black platform sandals and a faux brown leather, love the combination of brown-black in this type of looks. The truth is that Jourdan has been one of the most beautiful guest of the day, are Olivia Palermo the same?