Messy Hair, Slicked Side E Venus Look

Messy Hair


For a more elegant hair slob. This look began to gain fame on the heads of years 80 and was again promoted, in the summer of 2009, the passereles of New York, at which various celebrities such as Kate Moss and Kate Hudson have adopted the style immediately.

The Messy Hair works well with soft waves and hair texture, not forgetting that the volume is critical in this style.


How to get this look:

-Give more texture to the hair using a spray gel


-RIP a little hair in front


-Use a curling iron with two bars to give curls to your hair


-Do a sloppy, holding it up and giving it a form of ponytail in order to give the Messy Hair Look


-During this process, go by applying a spray wax to give the maximum of texture to your hair


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The Slicked Side on Pony Tail


A perfect alternative for 2010. The flat side is the strongest of the three hairstyles trends for 2010. The whole attitude joins a wet appearance and in disarray, with a scratch on the side.


This look is definitely a success and was used in the Sixties-inspired Updos At Prada, for the fall of 2010. Has been a style adopted by many international public figures in short hair and long hair.


How to get this look:


-Check the hair texture


-Use a curling iron to medium or thin to make wavy hair-it is important to apply a large amount of gel to give texture and consistent fixation


-Apply hooks to form hair and wavy hair air-end with the hair dryer to gently dry the gel and make a slightly sloppy.


How to get the Pony Tail


-Check the hair texture


-It is important to do a split from ear to ear marking a line


-Apply well the gel on the bottom of the head


-The first ponytail (first division of hair) has to be done at the bottom of the head


Later, he joins the top to first ponytail and shake well


The important thing in this look is to use rubber bands. Tip: use elastics with hook for the ponytail tight correctly


-Comb your hair with the brush to be perfect and then going on the gel


-Trick: for the ponytail look perfect, the curling iron on top of the head, not to run the risk of appearing with spiky hair on top of your head.


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Venus Look

A seductive, enigmatic style and always current, appealing to the mystery and sensuality.


This look is suitable for women who enjoy wearing your hair short and simple. Thus, women with round face, triangular and diamond should choose a short hair, so this will be a perfect style.


How to get this look:

-Give texture to the hair using gel


-Apply wax to divide the hair for highlights


-Pass with the dryer to check any volume