Nails Ballerina New Style – Templates and Tips

Nails Ballerina is the new model of nails we can say that turned the new trend and that this being a favourite of women right now. She is inspired by the sneakers of the dancers of the name baleet nails ballerina. Is a nail with a format that stretches your hands leaving them very feminine and beautiful.


Templates and tips to make your nails Ballerina

Nails Ballerina or a dancer are very little known here in Brazil and is coming slowly, but this summer already comments be the novelty of the moment. In addition to your distinguished format it also comes with beautiful decorations and always with the intention of making us remember the sneakers of the dancers from the moment they get on your toes. It is important to know that this nail format is very nice but requires care because they tend to break more easily. But there are precautions that can alleviate this problem one is the use of the gel if your nails are still too short to join the ballerina style and if your nails are brittle can use fake nails.

Nails Ballerina are very pretty regardless of the chosen color and glaze, but it sure is worth every bit of creativity and make elaborate decoration using the most common glaze as white and nude skin color enamel. Porde your decor designs or even rhinestones the important thing is to be fashionable, beautiful and feeling good about the choice.

Share below some models of Nails for your Ballerina choice.