Nails – Bicores Models and How Do

Bicores Nail sets for who’s always in doubt what color will you choose is a new style that can say it has a bold, but that without any doubt will leave the nails very pretty promising great success.

How to do Nails

Manicure colours is a big joke of a mixture of colors and combinations that may or may not have drawings. The most common are the squares, stripes, polka dots and chess and you can dare to various ways depends only on your creativity. During the summer the suggested color combinations are the purple and pink, turquoise and blue, Orange and red, yellow and white, nude and Brown, silver and gold and gray and green. You can still mix glazes of various textures are they bright, glitter, etc. Mix several techniques such as nails, nail gradient style or half moon.

The technique below is shared the nail bicolor with a touch of lace and make it you will need the following materials:

– enamel Pearl paradise;
Diamond purple Enamel –;
– income; – colourless Glaze;
– nail polish remover.

Do nails, passing two coats of enamel clear and sparkling and expect

Dry completely.


Divide a nail diagonally using the enamel purple diamond.


Put the adhesive Division income. Cut the excess and tight ends with the toothpick.


Make the decoration with enamel colorless protection.


Clean the corners using nail polish remover.


Ready your beautiful nails bicores.

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