Nails Decorated for Carnival-Tips and Photos

Nails Decorated for Carnival is already right there and everyone starts thinking about your fantasies and how will enjoy the most popular party on the planet. There are so many options that it’s hard to make the choice. But it is very important that your visual stay in harmony and decorated nails deserve much attention.


Tips for Nails Decorated for Mardi Gras

Using colors and brightness to give that special touch of fun style your nails will be able to monitor your makeup and everything. She must be ready for the party that symbolizes joy and where people have fun. Nails attached to your makeup and costume should compose the perfect look for this time of year that is pure joy.

Nail the more color and more brightness better and usually nails are decorated according to the costumes. For those with a simpler style bet on softer colours and add a little shine the wildest should abuse the strong and bright colors or a really beautiful decor with the Carnival theme as Pierrot mask, colombina, Bahia, all these themes are available for the decoration of your nails.


Brightness is the best option for the nails of Carnival, and also the glaze metallic, neon, and the tip is to use the colors of your samba school or your fantasy.  It’s worth also the colorful French nail is very easy to make and looks very chic. The animal type is another option that is very well at the time carnival like Jaguar, zebra among others. Colorful flowers give a great differentiates your fantasy and it is a good idea, after all, what counts is to use creativity.


If you want something faster or simple use the decorative nail art stickers that are practical and easy to apply. The films are thin and has higher durability in your nails and can be used in large or small nails just cut the stickers and suit the size of your nails. These adhesives are found in pharmacies, shops of cosmetics and beauty salons themselves they are available to the customers.

Pictures Nails Decorated for Mardi Gras

So you can have some inspirations to make your nails decorated for Carnival below we share some photos.