Nieves Alvarez Gets Naked to Emulate a Cindy Crawford

Nieves Alvarez is one of our most devoted top in the world of fashion and with maturity has come its stage more secure and do more uninhibited? It seems that because he has decided to pose completely nude for MadMenMag magazine and this time literally since the cover we will see a integral naked of the most sexy.

The Madrid model know they are spectacular even passing the quarantine and not has no fear to show her body as it is. A tribute to the photographer Sante Dorazio and to its mythical meeting the other Cindy Crawford top have served as an excuse for that Nieves Alvarez undress and be portrayed on this occasion by the photographer Valero Rioja. It has become one of our top models most important and it is not for less, enforces Gala as of the Goya and it tends to blink parades as your friend St├ęphane Rolland in Paris. I’m looking forward to seeing all the pictures because surely that you will surprise us with their cream elegance.