Of Shape and Long Fingernails Prefer?: Question of The Week

After a few days to wear blue, today I change the nail color. When I have the time, this means also arrange me nails, perhaps cut them or give them a is slightly different, in general according to the colour I will put then.

The shape of the nail and its long they are as important as its color, so there are some “ rules ” not written to make them the most in combination with the fingers and hands. However, also influences our taste or our circumstances, for example if in our work we can not use long fingernails.

All together, whereas this week we would like to ask:

What shape and long prefer nails?

Remember that to respond, you must do it from our Jezebel beauty answers section (follow the link) and next week we’ll tell you What is the best and most voted among the answers.

The question of the week

Last Monday us interesábamos to know if you think that there is a limit in the quest for beauty:

What beauty treatment you wouldn’t ever?

This is not a simple issue, because the wide range of beauty treatments there are things that we are looking to beautify ourselves, but there are also others that are made to correct defects that can cause us suffering.

Thus, without seeking identification of sides or not to label us within them, there are those who consider treatments such as a possible tool at our disposal if necessary, as our reader Lizzie:

In principle, and obviously without knowing all the treatments available, I think that I wouldn’t say no to anything. Whenever a process safe and guaranteed, if I feel that I need it, do it to me…
I am that you think that cosmetic surgery operations are an unnecessary risk but not me close my band to them. It may be that when you reach 40 or 50 I want see me better and encourage me with some retouching. Never say never!

Our reader aioramakeup He reminded us of the reasons that sometimes make us discard some of the permanent procedures of beauty: they are medical affairs, with their risks and possible complications:

[…] An operation always carries a risk. It seems pretty frivolous to go to the operating room as who is going to the super. By risk I mean not only to die, I refer also to other types of problems that may arise from the operation, postoperative infections, abnormal reactions of the body or “look bad”. […]

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