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With Airbrush Makeup

Discover the make-up trend for darker skins using the airbrush technique.   The aim of this day with shades of makeup trend is to be fresh, smooth, uniform skin and natural presentation.   The black fur, as a rule, present many advantages over lighter skins, however, your excess melanin also has some disadvantages, many of them unwanted, as visible and spots, acne, poor wound healing, among others. Thus, it is necessary to take some care in the makeup of this type of skins.

The Secrets of Looking

Perfect eyelashes and with more volume are the dream of any woman. Masks hide the secret to get them.   Eyelashes shades create longer eyelashes, thick and complete and a deeper look. These are some of the reasons why this is one of the favorite cosmetics for women. However, the secret lies in the design of the bristles and brushes worked.

The Art of Camouflage

The unique formula of the camouflage makeup is the most natural and the fastest to hide imperfections.   The camouflage makeup is a miraculous formula to combine a perfect camouflage with a result of long duration, as natural as possible, which can cover up, definitely, unsightly skin problems.

End of Hair Loss

Learn all about the factors that favor the loss of hair, the most important treatments and the best form of prevention   Hair is one of the biggest factors in our image. To your fall in quantities hemotivation involves, in most cases, a feel of low self-esteem.   We must follow between a dist in hair loss, which belongs to the natural evolution of the pilar cycle, and other fall related to patoló situations gicas.

Master Your Hair

Simple tricks to handle and turn the hairstyle   The hair. Is one of our greatest assets, often responsible for a strengthening of self-esteem and confidence and for that final touch that makes us and identifies.   However, to display a healthy and beautiful aspect the wires need to be pampered and treated well.

Messy Hair, Slicked Side E Venus Look

Messy Hair   For a more elegant hair slob. This look began to gain fame on the heads of years 80 and was again promoted, in the summer of 2009, the passereles of New York, at which various celebrities such as Kate Moss and Kate Hudson have adopted the style immediately.

Fond De Teint

An important gesture in everyday life of women.   Whatever your age, all can find the product that matches them best and that you will be able to appreciate them: active, athletic, motherly, seductive. Today’s woman claims the right to be present on all fronts and be beautiful at all times.

Japanese Thermal Straightening

Straight hair for longer. A technique with more and more followers.   Developed in Japan, this technique, which turns the hair that is curly, wavy and curly to straight hair and bright, has existed for several years in the United States and in Brazil, now beginning to be widespread in Europe and the rest of the world.

Look without Limits

The extension of eyelashes is a technique that gives an extra stretching and thickness to natural eyelashes.   For this we use synthetic hair, apply a to a. The eyelashes are bulky, long and very natural. Perfect for the holidays ahead of Christmas and the new year.

Glamour Makeup

The look ideal for an evening party, recalling the summer nights it’s been…   This makeup takes advantage of eyes and Golden, giving the skin radiance and glamour. A final farewell to the gold of the summer.

Tell Me Your Sign, Tell You Your Hairstyle

If you believe in the power of the stars, set the cut according to your Zodiac   If our way is somehow influenced by the stars, our look and in particular, the style that we give to our hair, are also influenced decisively by our sign.   In this way and having regard to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, here’s your ideal hairstyle:


In addition to a great way to improve the look, learn the makeup is an excellent exercise to increase self-esteem.   The choice of good products and your proper use is the basis for a perfect end result. In every season new proposals should serve as inspirational nuances and applied according to the personality of each. To complete a perfect makeup, learn which trends for hair shiny and well-kept.

A Hairstyle for Each Sign

Our sign of the Zodiac influences our way of being, assuming a fundamental importance in the style that we use in our daily lives.   If our way is somehow influenced by the stars, our look and in particular, the style that we give to our hair, are also influenced decisively by our sign given at birth.

Solutions Anti-frizz

Finish rolling your hair’s appearance.   With the cold, rain and humidity typical of this station, the hair tends to be rough, usually called “frizz”, which causes any hairstyle look in the first place,more careless and lifeless   Know which products you should use to maintain a hairstyle and always beautiful hair with volume and “frizz-free”, even with rain, wind, cold and dampness, so typical of this time of year.

The Biggest Myths about Hair

Unravel the biggest myths concerning health or beauty of the hair.   Several times over the course of our life, we heard the most varied beliefs pertaining to the proper hair care.   Such facts are not always based on perceptions, often being only generalized ideas, ranging from mouth, reaching the status of absolute truths. However, it is not always so.

Be Ready in a Minute

Get a makeup with glamour in just a minute.   If you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup and he’s always going from one side to the other, here are some tips to achieve a simple and beautiful makeup that is ready in a minute, for a special evening or just for the day-to-day.   A woman who wants to be prettier has to resort to makeup almost always, however, with the hectic life we live in today, we don’t always have time.

Color Palette for All Eyes

Learn what the pallet of colors that suits you best according to the color of your eyes.   True icon makeup smokey eyes effect is a classic that keeps reinventingitse. lf between shadows and luminosities, sublimates multiple facets to an enigmatic…
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Red Carpet Hairstyles

Get inspired for a special occasion and play in your home some hairstyles celebrities exhibit on the red carpet.   Renato Louis Tresemmé Ambassador in Portugal, based on the 68th awards ceremony of the Golden Globes of 2011, commented and offered some tips to achieve the hairstyles more media and inspiring of the night, which can be performed easily from home.

Each Hair Type Your Sentence

We suggest the best shampoo and conditioner for every hair type.   The natural beauty of the hair is highlighted and complemented with the use of the most suitable products having regard to your nature.   Having awareness of hair types that exist, as well as their needs, we suggest the shampoo and the conditioner most suitable having regard to the structure of the hair. The active substance of each and every one should have are the secret of your success.

Art with Color

Makeup is an art. A good makeup artist knows how to pick the best products, use the color pigments and textures to enhance a face.   When the goal is a social makeup, for a party or special occasion, knowledge and technique can produce unique results, since the more natural the more extravagant.   We chose to present a suggestion where if you want something very special and different from the makeup they use daily, where he uses the correction of eyebrows, the uniformity of the skin tone based and translucent powder and lipstick, thus an air care.   As…
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