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Revolutionary Makeup

Have you noticed that the make-up products are different? Learn why… The makeup isn’t what it used to be. Is better. The make-up artists of various brands have been transforming it in order to facilitate the work of the professional make-up people in major fashion shows and all that we use at home, on the way to work and the Office throughout the day.

Healthy Coloring

The inks provide style, light and movement to your hair. But you know how to keep it healthy? Who hasn’t imagined with a completely different hair color? It is a drastic change or small locks, paint the hair is an option increasingly adept conquest, by the instant innovation has in visual.   Nowadays, the hair dyeing is designed not to damage the hair, allowing more freedom and frequency changes. There is still color essential care should not forget. The colorist Joel Nunes shares some tricks to keep hair healthy, although painted.   Temporary or permanent  …
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Shining Varnish

Learn how to apply for your hands and feet shine in six steps For a perfect manicure, don’t just choose the right color of the varnish. We must take care and prepare the nails to get the color.   Remove…
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Perfect Makeup

The advice and the most tricks used by professional make-up artists dealing Choosing the right makeup and apply it well are determinant factors for the success of the visual.   A perfect makeup begins with the preparation of the face to receive the products that follow.

Brighten Your Face

White won the makeup. But how to use these products multiply base powder and even lipstick? The White is not a color is light. The explanation is of Cristina Garcia, a make-up artist, that to reflect the entire spectrum of sunlight, is the tone brighter, which makes things look larger and more convex.   This effect serves to counteract defects or reinforce aspects.   For example, do not use white in bug-eyed, as will appear more out, but is applied in the light of the face to enhance: in the middle of the mobile eyelid, the bone along the eyebrow, nose, forehead,…
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Duel in the Sun

It’s not just skin that suffers in summer. Her hair also need special care. Protect them!   Raise the arm to the woman who, come the end of the summer, hasn’t already noticed that your hair is more broken or, at least, different. And there are many factors that potentiate the damage capillaries.

Help, I’m Losing My Hair!

The hair goes through everything that we live: inside and out. Live to the rhythm of the seasons, hormones, emotions, our State of health, of the medicines we take, the hairstyles and treatments that you do.   Will falling slowly and on a daily basis. New hair will being born and growing up. This is a normal physiological process that does not compromise the frame of our face.

The Dangers of Cosmetics

PCHC. The acronym, cryptic at first glance, translates what the law defines as cosmetic and personal hygiene products. Put another way, the best friends of your image. The law, that means the as any substance or preparation intended for cleaning, perfuming, protect, maintain in good condition, correct body odour or modify. But it’s not just that you have to say. Defines, for example, rules regarding your labelling and expiration deadlines. On the packaging of cosmetic products, although there are exceptions, must meet the minimum expiration date when this is less than 30 months (see ‘ using preferably before…
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Wedding Makeup

A very special occasion such as wedding, makeup plays an important role.   Today the beauty knows no borders… A good makeup will light and shape the face so that it is perfect, getting real miracles, causing the woman feel more self-confidence.

Learn How to Put

We went to a auto-maquilhagem session to learn all the tricks and tell him everything. For you to be (still) more beautiful   The truth is this. The proliferation of images of beautiful women, well dressed and maquilhadas became the most discerning men.   And no woman wants to see them enjoy (think they) discreetly the beauty of others.