Pantene Repair Kit – Summer Which Products

Pantene Repair Kit for hair treatment Summer great for who takes advantage of every moment the warm climate of the station in baths and sea, Sun and swimming pool enjoying every minute in nature. With every exposure to the sea, the pool and the Sun hair end up disadvantaged and women are too afraid to take advantage of all the wonders of summer.


Which products from Pantene Repair Kit

The complete treatment has limited edition and offers products for extra hydration of wires that are exposed to the Sun, wind, salt, sea and pool chlorine. The collection is part of the family and has antioxidant shampoo, conditioner with moisturising, conditioning leave-in conditioning cream and extra protection in addition to the kit pump with three amps that promise to act in three minutes to repair the damage to the hair and moisturize completely. Use regular shampoo and Pantene conditioner prevents damage to the cuticle of the wires and keep the hydration barrier Mayor.

This way the hair remain hydrated and without dryness and are not opaque. The continuous use of the product increases softness and shine and also leaves hair soft and silky. The friction between the wires and the hair is so soft that when running your fingers between them do not get embarrassed.

Below share 3 weeks hair treatment:

First week: Use a Hydro-Cauterization to an intense hydration;

Second week: Use the amp restoration to repair damage instantly ends;
Third week: Use again a Hydro-Cauterization to continue with moisturizing and sealing cuticle.

With this treatment you can notice the improvement in your hair and it can be done in all hair types exposed to the damaging effects of the summer. 3 yield 15 ml ampoules for three weeks is perfect. And if your hair is short you can use half the amp to make a treatment for 6 weeks. A beauty of low cost and great benefits!