Papada – Tips How To Reduce Or Eliminate

Double chin is a problem that affects many women even not chubby anymore. There are some types of exercises and other natural ways to help combat this problem by reducing the double chin.


Jowl tips on how to reduce or eliminate

Double chin is a thick layer that sits on your chin and your size may vary according to the overweight, the sagging of the tissues, age, etc. You can use the surgical method to end the double chin, but some exercises can prevent or reduce a double chin. But it is important that they are made daily and at least ten minute workout plus healthy habits. The cause can be:

Heredity: is one of the most important factors for the emergence of the double chin, if parents or uncles have this type of problem may be greater propensity to


Weight increase: With the weight gain there is a build-up of fat in the area below the Chin originating so the dewlap.

Fluid retention: every person who has fluid retention typically also has a dewlap.

Aging: the natural aging of the skin after thirty years makes us more likely to have the double chin because of the loss of skin elasticity.

Below we share some tips to aid in the reduction of double chin:


– Do facial exercises for that help a lot to who is losing weight and getting with the lax facial region.

– this exercise can be done while sitting or standing, look at the ceiling, raising your chin and when I get the limit join lips, stay in this position for a few seconds. Gradually you will feel that your neck is taut.

– Turn your head to one side and quietly stay in this position for a few seconds, then turn it over to the other side. Repeat this exercise a few times.

– Put a tennis ball under the Chin and try holding it press it against your chest. Make pressure and release slowly. Do this move a few times. Doing this will force a zone usually gets flabby and this helps to keep it rigid.

– Chewing gum also helps strengthen the muscles. You can chew gum once or twice a day moving enough the region for that Chew opening wide. Use sugar-free gum for that does not increase the weight or bring dental complications.

– sagging must be combated for the skin below the Chin stick and the exercises assist in toning this area. We must moisturise your neck the same moisturizer used for the face.


– If your double chin be of genetic origin, their parents or grandparents had the same problem still not be discouraged to do the exercises often sure vera will have good results.

– double chin this linked to overweight and if this is the case it is very important that in addition to the exercises keep healthy habits. The fat should be avoided as fried foods, cakes, sausages, I’d rather fish foods, dried fruits, egg yolk, etc. The sudden changes of weights also collaborate to increase the sagging of the tissues.

– exfoliation helps too and should be performed with a natural peeling to remove dead cells and aid in skin renewal. You can make homemade peellings to be natural and helps save money.

– Avoid exposure to direct sunlight continuously, because excessive exposure in times of greater radiation causes the destruction of collagen and elastin and this way we can have the aging skin loses firmness. Always wear sunscreen, avoid timetables next at noon and hydrate with plenty of cold water.