Plated Tones Hair How To Care And Maintain

Plated Tones Hair is very hard to keep you beautiful and healthy always well hydrated. The process to reach the Platinum blond requires the use of bleaching chemicals that damage hair so much. But, in addition, the use of hair dryer, wind, pollution, Sun, etc. Further damages the hair.


How to care and maintain Hair Shades

To keep your hair beautiful and healthy always plated it takes special care and constant. Get the Platinum blond tone is time-consuming, as the original color of the wires, and the discoloration should always be made by professionals.

Below we share some care to keep the bleached hair:

Right cut: learn cutting influence on the quality of yarn. To give hair color enhancement need to make a cut with a lot of movement. The Platinum blond hair is very interesting with wide peaked or slightly messy style that provides a simpler look.


Antioxidant Shampoo: Shampoo for all types of blondes is the antioxidant, they prevent the yellowing effect that appears over time. For plated wires are always hydrated, a tip is to use shampoos and conditioners with avocado oil and shea butter, because they provide a perfect everyday protection.


No homemade recipes: Wash the hair with chamomile tea, beer or milk, will not solve the problem of dryness in your hair. In fact these types of homemade recipes can harm even more in the case of platinum blonde, leaving the lifeless. Never forget to be blonde takes work and is also expensive. To keep them healthy and hydrated always use quality products.


Mineral water: the best tips on how to take care of Platinum blond hair is washed with mineral water before and after going to the pool. This prevents the hair stay with that green because of the action of the chlorine. So, the recommendation is to rinse the hair with bottled water whenever you go out of the pool. If you want to prevent can use mineral water after the shower.

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