Remember His Name, Anwar, The Last Model of The Hadid Clan in Getting a Vogue in The Pocket

When it seemed that the family clans had come to an end and that fashion not could accommodate any sister, cousin or daughter more Gets Anwar Hadid to let us clear that still there is room for one more: he, the youngest of the Hadid and the only boy. Will you steal limelight sisters?, place your bets.

A photo published by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) 15 Jan, 2016 (s) 3:43 PST

Everything began with Gigi, arrived, triumphed and dragged with you Bella Hadid, the second of the family to sign with a modeling agency. They followed the steps her half-sister, Alana Hadid, stylist, designer and eventual model that neither wanted the train to pass in front of his without uploading to it. Missing someone else?, Yes, Anwar Hadid, the youngest of all, with only 16 years old and without previous experience in the world of modeling already He has managed to slip between the pages of Vogue Uomo. That is to start strong and other nonsense.

Her sisters have already congratulated you via Instagram and at various events we have seen him accompanied by them, Anwar Hadid is presented as the new face of it born of one of the most extensive and successful families in what the fashion industry is concerned.

Then, for when a shooting three bands Gigi-Bella-Anwar?, there is.