Skeyndor Launches Its New Collection of Mineral Makeup

Skeyndor has just presented its collection of mineral makeup. It consists of six products formulated mineral extracts of myrrh, Amethyst, tourmaline and Malachite. Its objective is the care for the skin and blend elegance and naturalness in the makeup.

The popularity of mineral makeup increases year after year. We are many that we are inclined to these products since they do not produce reactions in sensitive skins due to the absence of perfumes, dyes and other additives.

It is a great coverage makeup, composed exclusively by pigments, but at the same time, eminently natural, ideal for those looks go make-up but not look it.

The collection is composed of the Foundation makeup, Hydrating Oxygen Foundation, with an SPF15. The eye shadow contains tourmaline, known for its illuminating properties, two tone. For the eyes also have the Eyelash mask Mineral XL Luminous Lash.

The lips are dressed in three products: a Profiler organic, a Lipstick with myrrh (which contains volumizing properties) and a gloss very bright thanks to the Amethyst.

I’ve seen the products in person and they are ideal for those skilled workers but elegant and natural looks. The only but that I put is that missing me about Illuminators powders and a blush to the cheeks.

All products are moved in a price range from 11.70 euros 18 and distributed in beautician centres.

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