Strawberry on The Skin: Great Remedy for Moisturizing in Winter

Waiting for winter the skin already feels the harmful effects of the season. Wind and low temperatures facilitate the loss of water and decrease blood flow causing flaking and even cracking of tissues. A good remedy are strawberries and seeds, used in moisturizing ritual.

Strawberry on The Skin Great Remedy for Moisturizing in Winter

Winter has not yet arrived, but the dry climate and cold weather already prevail in the last days of autumn. With the low temperatures also comes the peeling and the discomfort with the dry skin sensation. Giving preference to glycerin soaps, taking a warm bath, abusing hydration and turning fruits into beauty ingredients help keep the skin beautiful and refreshed throughout the season.

The strawberry season is beginning. And the harvest of the fruit, which in addition to delicious and nutritious, is well in various combinations beauty, as in the ritual Akasuki (strawberries in natura and flax seeds). The exfoliation technique, known in Japan, accelerates the process of renewing cells and results in a softer, velvety skin with significant improvement in blood circulation. “In addition, the combination still provides deep tissue hydration and helps eliminate toxins,” explains Patrícia Castellar Pirozzi, a health and wellness specialist at the Khora Wellness Center in São Paulo.

Another tip is to take warm bath. Even if the shower water is irresistible, it is good that it does not last long. Too hot bath is not at all healthy for the skin. In addition to dehydration, the high temperature causes dry and peeling skin. And no loofah and scrub. They removed the natural layer of skin protection.

The effective way to moisturize your skin is to bet on oils and body hydrates primarily to save the most dry areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet.