Tested: Balm After Shave From Granado

Just as important as the products for the preparation and for the act of shaving are the balms after-shave, because they guarantee a feeling of pleasant freshness after the passages of the blade, especially for those who have a certain sensitivity on the skin that may generate redness and burning, among other unpleasant symptoms.

Tested Balm After Shave From Granado 1

I tested recently the Balm Post-Shave of the Granado, one of the most traditional boticas in Brazil, founded in 1870, in Rio de Janeiro. The product is everything you would expect from a company so traditional: it has no perfume, just a slight odour of mint, leaves no residue, calms and moisturizes without leaving the skin oily, simple as that.


The test was done on 3 occasions in which I barbeei, in each one of them used blades and shaving creams different, always with a positive result by part of the product. The balm needs a minimum amount, since it spreads easily on the skin, at first it seems that will leave residue, but it is only the print, quickly disappears, without even having alcohol in its composition, and the result is fast, in a few minutes if it makes notice.

Tested Balm After Shave From Granado 2

The packing of 60 ml with nozzle type “pump” is to practice and good to be carried in a toiletry bag, in fact it is good to highlight that the fluid should last quite a while, as it takes very little to cover the entire area of the beard.

According to informed on the website of Granado the Balm Post-Shave “activates the natural protection of the skin and help rebuild its protective layer. Contains active emollients that soften, soothe and protect the skin against irritations and itching caused by the blade. Relieves the sensation of dryness without leaving the skin oily. Enriched with essential oils that provide a sensation of freshness. Does not contain alcohol. Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.”

Tested Balm After Shave From Granado 3

The price of the Balm Post-Shave to the Granado is of R$38,50 on the official website of the brand.

More information: www.granado.com.br

Author’s note:

You may wonder at the smell of the product, the ingredient, especially if you are used to with other that are highly scented, but the fact that he completely disappears after a while to me is an advantage, I don’t like the products I fighting with my favorite perfume!