The Spanish That I Fell in Love a Justin Bieber Goes from Being an Unknown to a Sought after Model. Cindy Kimberli What Peta!

Can you imagine one of the famous with more followers on Instagram (in particular Justin Bieber) upload a photo of yourself in your personal account asking who are you? It can seem more appropriate to a film but the truth is that Cindy Kimberly It has happened to him, this young has gone from being a complete unknown to one of the girls in our country with more followers on the social network and, above all, a very interesting contract as a model.

Yesterday he made his first public act within the framework of the catwalk alternative to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where it was rumored it producido. It seems that this is just the beginning of what will be a meteoric career and the fact that the girl is very pretty. Yesterday decided to choose a quite sober look composed of a colour dot look tile and a leather jacket black, something very basic to begin to shine at the photocall. What bring will it in the future?