There Are Differences between Miss World and Miss Universe, and Not, Are Not Talking about Intergalactic Beings

I may be alone in this world and has been the only person to wonder why there are two so similar contests in a so small temporary space. Being honest, with the mess of Miss Universe I doubted if it was living a flash back in any rule or if I had become a bit majara, had in mind that the winner was Spanish, ah but that contest was not, Miss world. But let’s, are there really differences between Miss world and Miss Universe?

The Spanish Mireia Lalaguna crowned as Miss World 2015

After arduous research and many research contrast I have come to the solution. Although we do not create it, there are differences between both beauty pageants, and no, they are not based on the participation of aliens in the Miss Universe contest. That I know.

With just one year of difference in his creation, Miss world was born in 1951 in the United Kingdom, while Miss Universe did it in 1952 in the United States, the television network NBC and Tycoon Donald Trump hand (everything seems to indicate that he saw economic potential in the competition and there that was launched and was marked, what is known worldwide as a copy-paste in any rule).

However, focusing on the bases of both contests we have that, “integral beauty, pose and security” are the requirements in common, however, to enter Miss Universe also you should own Porte and look at the data, intelligence. At this point I say, they will do them solve metaphysical problems or know by heart the Visigothic Kings?, it is a question.

Both share two more bases, never you will need to have been married, or can not have become pregnant, although they differ in the age of participation. Miss world seeks contestants between 17 and 24 years, and Miss Universe extends this limit up to 27, although requests of age to compete. In addition, this latest event also It allows the participation of transsexuals from 2013, something about what you have not already registered movements Miss World.

The three finalists of Miss Universe 2015 (from left to right): Miss Philippines, Miss Colombia and Miss USA

In addition, there is also a slight difference between both competitions in Miss world the number of applicants amounts to a maximum of 120 candidates, something more in Miss Universe, where are selected around 90 misses.

As for the public, because the countries of creation of both contests, we have that Miss world is best known in Europe, Asia and Africa, and Miss Universe acquires a greater popularity in United States, Canada, the Philippines and Latin America.

And here I can read. If someone has found extraterrestrial presence in Miss Universe or some beauty marina in Miss world who tell me.