Toothpaste Homemade to Whiten the Teeth

Here you will find 3 great recipes totally natural that can be used to replace the toothpaste industry, keeping your teeth clean, strong and healthy.

These options homemade help even whiten the teeth in a natural way, without having to resort to dental treatments, but for this purpose it is important to brush the teeth daily, and avoid situations that escurem the teeth such as the use of antibiotics in childhood and adolescence, cigarette, and food dark. Learn more about causes here.

1. Recipe with cloves, and ways of

It may seem strange, but a good way to replace the toothpaste and keep your teeth always properly cleaned is to brush your teeth with a mixture of the following powders:

  • Clove powder
  • A layer of the stevia
  • Sage powder
  • Extract ways

Toothpaste Homemade to Whiten the Teeth 3

Just mix each of these ingredients in the same proportion and save in a clean bottle, keeping in a dry and capped. When it is to use, simply wet the toothbrush in water and then play with the bristles of the brush in the powder, rubbing the teeth the following.

These natural products that can be found in shops of products for vegans or even for the internet.

  1. Recipe with saffron

This recipe is easier to prepare at home and does not harm the teeth, being very useful for maintaining oral hygiene, without having to resort to toothpaste traditional:

  • Turmeric (saffron)
  • Cinnamon powder

You can mix all the ingredients and use like your toothpaste, rubbing in all the teeth.

Toothpaste Homemade to Whiten the Teeth 2

  1. Recipe with coconut oil

To prepare this toothpaste you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 5 folhinhas mint mashed

Mix the ingredients well and store in a glass container, keeping well closed. To use remove a small amount with a teaspoon and apply on the brush.

Toothpaste Homemade to Whiten the Teeth 1

The teeth may become yellowish because of food consumption of dark color like wine, chocolate, coffee and teas, especially when the individual does not have the habit of brushing the teeth after consumption of these foods. But there are other situations that can leave the teeth yellow or yellowish as the genetic factor and the intake of antibiotics.