Water with the Biolever Release – Collagen

Water with new Collagen that now comes to Brazil. Collagen is a type of protein produced naturally by our body which is very important in the formation and maintenance of connective tissue structure and they are: skin, hair, nails, cartilages, ligaments, etc.


Water Release with the
Biolever Collagen

Collagen production decreases with age and the replacement must be made daily because the collagen helps in reduction of sagging skin, slows the aging process, increases bone density and improves the elasticity of the ligaments. It is very important for the health of hair, nails, joints, and is a great ally in the treatment against stretch marks and cellulite. The Biolever has already invested R $1 million for the release of a line of functional Water with collagen in the red fruit flavors and lemon-lime that contains fiber, which improve the functioning of the intestines, and collagen, a substance that increases the elasticity of the skin. A 360 ml bottle contains the daily recommended amount of collagen by scientific studies.

Water with collagen is already available on the shelves of all Brazil. The water still contains vitamins B3, B6, B12, C, and now it was much easier to consume this protein so beneficial to health and beauty and that should be consumed daily by complementing the food. The water still shows low sodium, only 1.0%, which is the recommended daily intake. The water with collagen is moisturizing and presents low-sugar and complements 22% of daily needs of fiber helping in intestinal function. Keep your body hydrated and help the skin rejuvenation all in one product.