We Have New Angel on The Catwalk: Josephine Skriver

There is a huge difference between being Victoria’s Secret girl and be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and that resides in the wings. Not all can carry them, but every year it is known a new face that it becomes part of the dream team. And last night, we learned of the new addition to the heaven of the earthly models, Josephine Skriver. Since its the model showed his surprise (and happiness).

With a body of scandal and a green look, the 22 year old Danish is located on the crest of the wave. Parading to the best firms and monopolizing covers of fashion, Josephine becomes part of a reduced (and privileged) group. The best models of the moment have or have had at some point those wings on his back: Gisèle Bündchen, Karolína Kurková, Heidi Klum…

Josephine Skriver at the last parade of Victoria completo Secret 2015

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