What It Is for and How to Use Bepantol

Bepantol is a line of products in the laboratory Bayer that can be found in the form of cream to apply on the skin, solution for hair and spray to apply on the face, for example. These products contain vitamin B5, which has hydrating action and deep so it can be used to moisturize the dry skin of the elbows, knees, cracked feet, to combat and prevent diaper rash and regenerate the skin after a tattoo.

In addition, the bepantol spray can be used on the face, and is useful to moisturize deeply the skin, improving the appearance of age spots, acne and melasma, while the Bepantol Mamy helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and help in skin recovery after the microagulhamento, for example.

Check out how to make the most of the products Bepantol, which can be purchased easily from pharmacies and medicine.

How to use each product Bepantol

1. Bepantol for dry skin

It is recommended to use Bepantol Derma, which can be found in packs of 20 and 40, being an excellent moisturizer with a high concentration of vitamin B5, lanolin and almond oil. Thus, it is indicated for the drier regions of skin, such as elbow, knees, cracked feet, in the area shaved, and on top of the tattoo, because it prevents the peeling of the skin.

How to use: Apply about 2 cm of ointment in the region and spread with your fingers with circular movements.

2. Bepantol in the hair

It is recommended to use Bepantol Solution that contains dexpantenol which returns the brightness and softness of the wires by avoiding the exit of water, which happens mainly when performing treatments, such as paintings and straighten your hair, exposure to sun and water from the pool, river or sea.

How to use: Add the equivalent amount to a cap of this product in the cream hydration that you want to use and apply on the wires wet, left to act for about 15 minutes. Check out how to make a great hydration with bepantol solution.

What It Is for and How to Use Bepantol 1

3. Bepantol in the face

It is recommended to use the product Bepantol Spray that contains vitamin B5, but in a version that is oil free, and therefore contains a light texture and soft, making it ideal to apply on the face. This product soothes and refreshes the skin in just a few seconds, and can also be used on the hair for increased hydration.

How to use: Spray on face whenever you feel necessary. It is quite useful to use on the beach or in the pool, when you feel the skin more dry. This product can be used at the same time that the sunscreen, without prejudice to health, and can also be used before you apply makeup because it does not leave the skin oily.

4. Bepantol on the lips

Should you prefer to use Bepantol derma regenerating lip balm, which contains vitamin B5, in high concentration, making it ideal for applying directly on the lips dry or to avoid the dryness. This product stimulates cell renewal and has action moisturizer deep, and is particularly suitable for lips extrassecos. But there is also The Bepantol lip balm daily has a fluid texture and gentle, and forms a protective layer on the lips, protecting skin from the harmful effects of exposure to sun and wind, with high protection against UVA and UVB rays, and SPF 30.

How to use: Apply on the lips, as if it were a lipstick, whenever it is deemed necessary. The sunscreen lip balm should be applied every 2 hours of sun exposure.

What It Is for and How to Use Bepantol 2

5. Bepantol for stretch marks

Bepantol Mamy can be used to combat the formation of stretch marks because it contains vitamin B5, glycerin and centella asiatic, which stimulates the formation of collagen, which gives more firmness to the skin. In addition, can also be used to apply to the skin after a treatment with microagulhamento, to eliminate stretch marks old.

How to use: Apply daily in the belly, in the breasts after bath and in the region of the thighs and buttocks, and reapply at some point in the day, in generous coats to ensure good hydration of the skin. It is important to start its use from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the period of breastfeeding.

6. Bepantol for irritated skin

Is indicated the use of Bepantol Sensicalm that is produced for the care of extremely dry skin, sensitive and turns red easily. Contains a bioprotetor that stimulates the barrier of natural defense of the skin, and maintains hydration in situations where the skin is sensitive and descamando.

How to use: Apply on the desired area as many times as deemed necessary.

What It Is for and How to Use Bepantol 3

7. Bepantol baby

For babies you should use the Bepantol Baby that can be found in packs of 30, 60, 100 g and 120 g and is particularly suitable to apply to the region of the diaper, thereby protecting the skin from diaper rash. However, in the case of scratches on the skin can also apply a small amount of this ointment to regenerate the skin.

How to use: Apply a small amount of ointment in the region covered by the diaper, with each diaper change. It is not necessary to form a very thick layer to the point of leaving the region very white, you should use only enough to form a protective layer, which helps protect the skin from contact with the urine and faeces of the baby.