What Kind of Makeup Base You Prefer?: Question of The Week

The having a uniform skin tone It is perhaps one of the things that we most appreciate in terms of makeup and facial care. However, not always can get it in a natural way: despite taking care of our skin, we can suffer from like acne, spots by the Sun, among other imperfections.

The makeup bases, because it is liquid, mousse, moisturizing color or dust, they are a popular choice to unify skin tone, mainly because they are quick to apply, adapt to the changes of the skin (by age, weather, etc) and are also cheap, compared with medical treatments to remove blemishes or scars.

This week we want to know, if you use a makeup base, in occasional situations, or daily, which are those that you prefer, either by the application, finishing or any other characteristic:

What type of Foundation do you prefer?

Remember that to respond, you must do it from our Jezebel beauty answers section (follow the link) and next week we’ll tell you What is the best and most voted among the answers.

The question of the week

A week ago I asked what care you follow every day:

What is your cosmetic routine?

It was interesting to discover that you follow the recommendation of cleaning + moisturizing + sun protection and even more that mezcl√°is cheap brands with faces, on the basis of you in what calls you the skin at the time. Our reader noega us says:

Every time I am more of the opinion that more than real good/expensive products the important thing is to be consistent (well I say not expensive but decent, I mean that it doesn’t have to be all high end or it can alternate during the year).

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