When The Magazine Sports Illustrated Organizes Parties Will See Solar Girls and Also DeColleteS as These

Every year at this time, those responsible for the Sports Illustrated magazine they tend to organize a party to celebrate the launch of its exemplary Swimsuit. To claim they tend to visit many of the models that then lead their covers and their fashion editorials. You know: which moves does not appear in the photo!

We refer to such famous models as Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Emily Didonato, and to other less well-known but equally spectacular as Erin Heatherton, Hannah Ferguson, Sofia Resign or Kelly Rohrbach.

Prototypes of all them the image that most tend to be classical American girl of the 80’s. You know: bodies of infarction, athletic and bathed by the Sun, posing at the edge of the sea and the sand stuck to the skin.

All attended the meeting which was held at the Altman Building in Manhattan in New York, and they posed together and separately showing off hot body with fourreaux or dresses so tight that fought them to the body as if it were a second skin or wearing tops in cheerful tones Fuchsia, Coral o Blue klein.

Lily Aldridge and Gigi Hadid decided to bet it all on black and the same tone suede cuissardes. Gigi with a in A leather mini skirt high-waisted adorned with rivets and a belt that combined with a Black jersey cowl neck leaving her navel air.

Lily, on the other hand, preferred to put a black t-shirt, sleeveless, a long up to below the knees going buttoned from top to bottom in one of the side. To walk, Lily took her unbuttoned wearing leg.

Among the attendees were the gorgeous Nina Agdal that he opted for one of the Saharan designed by Yves Saint Laurent, only that when combined with a Suede cuissardes taupe color was able to provide you with a new twist.

Ashley Graham, model curvy that starred in the cover of this month’s Sports Illustrated magazine, was also part of the game and did not seem to feel self-conscious in such top model, or perhaps yes because wielded the issue that appeared in one of his hands as if proud was a trophy. She also was black. Black is what has: it conceals what leftovers, and they also know enhance just adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

I recognize that that has left me ojiplática has been Rose Bertram, a model of Belgian father and mother senegalo-portuguesa in Sport Illustrated dared with bodypainting. Although Rose also chose black to attend the event with a lace top of Agent Provocateur who was image, will be with me in that although it is the same, it is not the same, do not you think?