Which Part of The Face You Think That It Affects More Beauty?: Question of The Week

As I have flu, yesterday I spent the day watching a marathon of makeover programmes, those that someone transforms your style under the help of experts in clothes, hair, makeup, etc. These programs I get excited, it’s amazing when someone looks in the mirror and you see gorgeous.

The programs that I knew before focused on clothing, hair and makeup, nothing more. But the program yesterday included cosmetic dentists and I could see the huge impact having a beautiful smile, as we said our Belito reader a few days ago.

That left me with the curiosity of which part of our face affects more our beauty in general, perhaps the balance of factions, smile, eyes, nose, lips:

Do which part of the face that most affects the beauty?

Remember that to respond, you must do it from our Jezebel beauty answers section (follow the link) and next week we’ll tell you What is the best and most voted among the answers.

The question of the week

Last Monday I asked if you prefer a specific type of make-up bases:

What type of Foundation do you prefer?

The winners undisputed is the fluid or liquid makeup foundations, because they have many advantages, as our reader reminds us Lizzie:

Although there are bases of different formats that I like, my favorite are the liquid Foundation. Not only for its comfortable application but for the ease of regular coverage and because they are very easy to mix together.

In addition, this type of basis can be found for any possible finish. […]

Have a favorite type of bases does not mean that not let’s try others at different times, because as we said stomier, the important thing is that the skin is comfortable and with a natural color:

Always I prefer the liquid with a good brush Skunk bases, since better plug Granites, I usually buy with matte effect does not produce glare and I find it more convenient to apply. Although in summer usually use only powders, to leave my more Milky skin.

However, I am looking for a makeup that has sunscreen and base with a very soft and natural color […]

Thank you for you to participate in this section! Remember that the answers that are not introduced into sweeping answers are not counted.