White Padilla Is Not Afraid to Tell The Truth in This New Interview with Cover Included

The most sought after Spanish model of the moment He is not afraid to speak. White Padilla is serving his country media requesting it to answer all the questions without censorship, which, apparently, is not benefiting him too in his relationship with some brands. Fashion is something magical and when someone is negatively influencing that magic is not too well seen. On this occasion, after her debut in television is the cover of the Glamour magazine.

The young model says “avoid junk food is not over. I don’t think you have to be very sharp, but learn to know your body and spoil yourself only from time to time. You have to work very hard the self-esteem and self-love, in general, in the society”. He says that the life of model of success is not as ideal as it looks and that not only work is on the catwalk but also the moments of solitude when it touches to experience personal growth.